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Global news - new infectious virus Guest on 22nd August 2023 06:39:29 PM
  1. _During the intense attacks on the security systems of the underground communication lines of the world governments, we have received terrible news about a new virus.
  3. _ The outbreak begins violently with influenza in Europe around Ukraine or the United States of America
  5. Corresponding to information hacking in ##!##%^^, there is a ruthless war between capitalist groups and global controls, and the reason for this perception is the recent intense economic wars between them.
  7. In some countries, dangerous test waves are being conducted
  9. Do not go in public places or wear a mask and take care of yourself
  10. - Boil the water and then use it
  11. - Take a bath with boiled water. We know this is very difficult, but your health is more important
  13. _Administrator of the dark site_ DDW_
  15. Site link: http://5f&$&U%$&#3YI%#i#i3Y%y5YTxYTxY3%x35#XuY34ku4X64xo64Y.onion/

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